Prices & Services

  1. Starting at $50.00
    We can do shoots in the studio with lighting and backdrops. We can also go to other locations, indoor or outdoor. We have what you need to get a perfect shot to pop.
    Model/Fashion Photo
  2. Starting at $150.00
    We like to make short movie clips to help promote projects and ideas. These can get very exciting, because its always a major stepping stone to the next big thing!
    Promotional Video
  3. Starting at $350.00
    We take pride in our music videos, as this is where the company originally was born. We can do many styles and project types. Capturing the right visual to your song is crucial, and we excel in make that happen.
    Music Video
  4. Starting at $750.00
    Let us help you turn the script in your mind to the vibrations emitting from the LCD screen.
    Short Film

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