Silassie I 

is a collection of musical artist started by Anthony “Silassie” Stewart.  Anthony was born in Warren, Ohio, where his love for music was molded by the polar opposite taste of his mother and father.  His mother is a die-hard fan of R&B and Soul while his father played Hard Rock and Grunge Records.  Somewhere between Nirvana and Teddy Pendergrass he found a balance in both. The appreciation of how the power of sound could cause his father to convulse in joy as well as how the tenderness of lyrics could move his mother to tears. Anthony started his musical journey in the Hip-Hop group “Dubb City Boyz.” The group released one full album, several mix-tapes and created enough of a buzz that they performed on the same stages as Machine Gun Kelly, Young Buck, and Chip Tha Ripper.  The group split after the decision of founding member Nick Amorganos to join the Armed Services. Anthony impassioned by his love for making music decided to move forward on his own, releasing the mix-tapes “Road to Zion,” “Road 2 Zion,” and his full length album “Ad Qudratum.” Silassie is featured on Industry All Access website, in an article written by celebrated writer Adam Sietz, He was also featured on the 50 Top Mic Tour. Currently residing in Dallas, Silassie expand his network to manifest his vision of creating with a live band. He has worked as a producer, writer and engineer in the past and recently at Duprey Studios Recordings where his creative talents began to really take shape. He has shaped some of the hottest up and coming artist in every genre right now.
Puerto Rican born Yaschua Duprey’s father was his musical influence, a self taught drummer who constantly played his collection of Spanish, Salsa and Disco records around son.  As a child Yaschua was exposed to Tito Puente, The Fania All Stars, Hector Lavoe and Donna Summer among other greats.  His passions for music lead Yaschua to move to California and enroll in the Musicians Institute. He studied Music Theory and chose to major in Guitar. He worked as an assistant engineer at the Westlake Recording Studio for several years.  Westlake is where he gained life experiences in a major studio. There he assisted on projects with such notable artist as Shakira, Ne-Yo, Sean Garrett, Rhinna, Spike Lee, Hit Boy, Dr Dre, Ke$ha, and a endless list of others. In selecting where he wanted to make his home he decided to choose a place that was rich in music history but still cool enough to be off the maps of tour guides.  “I chose Dallas because I can see the amount of talent in this city.. it’s always been a major player but now its emerging more in the national spotlight.” He opened Duprey Studio Recordings to become part of the musical landscape that he sees shaping in front of him.
Greg Guillot a Texas native started in bands like Fall Hero Fall, The Ones You Loved, and The Contras. Also finding inspiration from his father, who listened to Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Kiss, Elton John. His father is said to be the first person to put drumsticks in Greg’s hands. Greg says, "For as long as I can remember I've been doing music." 
Silassie and Yaschua started working on songs in January 2015 for Silassie's solo album. After creating a couple of songs together, they quickly realized that they could create a very powerful sounding band. Soon after collaborating, Silassie was introduced to Greg, once all three gentlemen conversed about their music Silassie I was born. Each member brought something unique to the table. Yaschua’s Jazz and Blues background while also playing rock and punk, Greg’s seasoned performance history and ability to work well with anyone.  And of course Salassie himself with his intuitive ability to find the correct sounds. “We created a whole new listening experience. With a new genre in mind, we were able to put a project together (No Genre)
In the midst of making the album, Silassie I received a sponsorship deal with "Kaya Rolling Papers", They were performers at this years SXSW in Austin, TX, and as a additional bonus Silassie I received a notification from Disc Makers congratulating them on their success expressed added delight over the cover art for the album stating that it was “nothing like anything they had seen before”, as a result they upgraded to their package deal for free.
Silassie I is now working on their next album "Dark Matter." Since "No Genre" was geared to show their musical roots, "Dark Matter" focuses on being the gravity that holds genres together. The vision is to narrow in on specific subjects, lyrically, while still giving the listeners the broad "No Genre" feel, musically. Focused around subjects relating to the right knowledge of "hidden" entities, spiritual journeys, and agendas. This project will mold a new third eye opening experience for listeners from all walks of life who seek a higher truth.